Tanker used for delivery of oils from Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway Tanker used for delivery of oils from Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway


Denofa was established May 10th 1912 based on a German patent utilizing whale oil for edible purposes. Later Denofa became a large edible oils and fats buyer and refiner, exporting marine and vegetable oil worldwide. In 1955 the first soybean extraction plant was built, which in 2005 became our core business when the edible oil refinery was discontinued.

With the introduction of the technology to genetically modify soybeans in 1996, one major business objective became securing the supplies of non-GMO soybeans.

1912 Denofa refinery and hardening plant established
1915 Unilever entered as part owner
1925 Lilleborg entered as part owner
1955 The first soya bean extraction plant was built in Fredrikstad
1958 Borregaard bought Unilevers share of Denofa
1959 enofa and Lilleborg enter a merger creating A/S Denofa og Lilleborg Fabrikker
1970-86 Restructuring of the Norwegian oils and fats industry into one unit, Denofa
1986 Borregaard (including Denofa) merged with the Orkla group
1994 Established margarine factories in Russia
1996 Denofa and Lilleborg demerge
1996 Commercial scale marketing of genetically modified soybeans in the US
Integrated with Orkla's chemical area, Borregaard
1999 Established a comprehensive Identity Preservation (IP) Program
2005 Closure of the fat refinery. New business concept as well as new ownership structure led by Norgrain
2009 Denofa becomes part of the Amaggi group