Head quarters at Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway Head quarters at Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway

Strategy and Values

Denofa's strategic ambision is to contribute to sustainable food production for future generations. We strive for high quality standards for our clients in the Nordic and European food and feed industry. Sustainability and food safety is our competitive edge.

We develop our business with the aim of creating value, but in order to succeed in the long run, we need to develop in line with our values: 


In Balance with Nature
We aim to attain a good balance between nature and food production, by actively working to reduce our footprint on the planet. Our nature is our livelihood!


Drive to Create
Our goal is to develop new strengths based on good values, to expand our competencies and to engage in partnerships to reach our goals.


For generations, we have been determined to create good possibilities for people in the societies we are part of. We are here for the long run!


Denofa shall conduct a responsible, ethical and sound business with high attention to our operations and their impact on the environment and on the community. Everyone shall be able to trust our business and our products. We shall respect human and employment rights and we continuously evaluate the environmental and social impacts of our business.