Live update of Soy related prices as Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway Live update of Soy related prices as Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway


Denofa’s markets are defined by our three products; soybean meal, soybean oil and lecithin. Our strong market position is the result of offering competitive non-GMO products, flexible logistics and high quality. We believe that committed focus to sustainability and thorough precautionary measures against salmonella is how we best serve the need of our customers.

Soybean meal markets

The soybean meal is distributed to feed mills in the Nordic region. About 50% of the meal is delivered by sea in small coaster vessels; the rest is delivered to our clients by truck. The soybean meal is an important ingredient in almost all feed compounds for cows, pigs and poultry.

Denofa has worked determinedly through many years to develop a quality program to avoid salmonella contamination of the soybean meal. Together with the Norwegian feed mills, we play an important role preventing salmonella contamination of the Norwegian food chain. The feed industries of Sweden and Finland have suffered from salmonella contaminations during recent years, with great negative consequences.

Denofa has imported non-GMO soybeans since GMO varieties were introduced onto the market in 1996.
In recent years we have strengthened the traceability of our deliveries of raw material back to the farmers.

Denofa only sources soybeans cultivated in accordance with strict criteria of sustainability, including that it cannot incur any deforestation. In countries of origin where legislation is not sufficiently strong, we ensure sustainability through purchase demands and third-party verifications, carried out by the most reliable organization for certification of sustainable soy. The lions share of the certified soy going to Denofa is certified according to the ProTerra standard. In addition, some quantity may be RTRS (Rountable for Responsible Soy) certified. Both certification standards follow the Basel Criteria for responsible soy production, established by WWF and Coop in Switzerland in 2004. All imports of non-GMO soy from Brazil is certified sustainable. The demand for certified sustainability also apply to any other country of South America or any country with areas of tropical rainforest.

Soybean oil markets

Our crude soybean oil is sold mainly in Northern Europe. Moreover, Denofa supply clients in Central and Southern Europe. Close to the entire crude soybean oil volume is exported.

The soybean oil is transport primarily on tanker vessels. Customers are feed mills, food industries or vegetable oil refineries. Thus, Denofa soybean oil is used in a wide range of products, from animal feed compounds to branded consumer goods like chocolate, soup, margarine and mayonnaise.

Lecithin market

Lecithin is an emulsifier, utilized as an ingredient in a wide range of food products (E 322). Denofa markets lecithin to food industry companies all over Europe. Deliveries take place in bulk, by trucks, in 1 ton IBC containers or 200 kg steel drums.

Clients consist of companies producing chocolate, margarine, soup or other types of processed food, all with a clear commitment to food safety and non-GMO. The clients range from multinational corporations to regional chocolate plants.