Traceability book accompanying each soybean delivery Traceability book accompanying each soybean delivery

Sustainability Certification

There are currently two major systems in place for sustainability certification of soy, ProTerra and RTRS (Round Table Responsible Soy). Both standards enjoy international recognition and set specific criteria for socio-environmental responsibility in agribusiness related activities. The ProTerra standard was established in 2005 and coincides with the Basel Criteria, the SA 8000 standard, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention of the Rights of the Child, the Conventions and Recommendations of ILO, the United Nations standards related to human rights and the EurepGAP and global GAP standards.

The RTRS standard was finalized in 2010 and is built on five principles: Legal Compliance and Good Business Practice, Responsible Labor Conditions, Responsible Community Relations, Environmental Responsibility and Good Agricultural Practice. This standard has been established through a broad international multi-stakeholder initiative. Denofa holds full membership of the organization.

The first RTRS certificates came onto the market in 2011 - and Denofa was amongst the first to purchase it.

All Brazilian soybeans imported by Denofa are sustainability certified.

In addition, all purchase and sales contracts are in accordance with The Norwegian commitments on sustainable soy and forests.