Amaggi is Denofa's main supplier of soy beans Amaggi is Denofa's main supplier of soy beans

Full Traceability and Strict Controls

Denofa imports approximately 400 000 tons of soybeans annually, for production of meal, oil and lecithin in Fredrikstad. All import is subject to strict standards, verified by independent third party.

Most of our volumes originate from Amaggi, our owners in Brazil. We also source from other Brazilian and Canadian suppliers.

Denofa requires full traceability and comprehensive documentation from all suppliers; each vessel is accompanied by a book containing documentation on producers (farmers), warehouses storage statistics, trucks, barges, control activities and certificates for the actual cargo.


Traceability means that we know the exact location where our beans are produced. Thus, we can also document deforestation free and conversion free (related to change of land use for the Cerrado) farming production.


We demand that our Brazilian suppliers are members of the 'Soy Moratorium', an agro business initiative for zero deforestation.