GMO quick test of soybeans GMO quick test of soybeans

GMO free value chain and 'Identity Preservation' (IP)

Global soy production is dominated by genetically modified organisms (GMO). But according to legislation, among the strictest in the world, only non-GMO soybeans are permitted for import into Norway.

All our raw materials are therefore sourced through comprehensive hard identity preservation (IP) programs to avoid contamination with GMO beans. In these programs, all activities in the supply chain, from seeds to final beans, are strictly regulated and controlled.
Schematically the programmes include the following:

  • Soybeans are delivered from selected farmers and suppliers only
  • The beans are stored in warehouses dedicated for non-GMO soy
  • Transport of beans from farms to the inland warehouses, and later on to dedicated non-GMO areas in the export terminals, is under strict control
  • Tests are performed on every truck of beans at the warehouses. Final samples are drawn by independent surveyors during loading of the vessel to Fredrikstad. GMO tests are carried out on composite loading samples
  • IP certification of the soybean delivery is done by independent third party companies
  • IP performance is subject to frequent audits by our customers and ourselves
  • Denofa is able to demonstrate the necessary IP documentation and traceability behind every step of the supply chain