Soybean flakes for extraction at Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway Soybean flakes for extraction at Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway

Sustainable Production at Denofa

Each year, soybean oil is extracted from 400,000 tons of soybeans. The extraction process is conventional, with hexane as the extracting medium/solvent. The physical qualities of hexane makes it particularly suited for this process. High volatility and a low boiling point makes it easy to separate the oil from the hexane after extraction without extensive use of energy, resulting in 99.95 % recycling of the hexane.

FREVAR  is the main steam supplier to Denofa. The steam is produced from waste incineration.

The entire soybean is converted into products, so the yield is almost at 100 %. There is no continuous waste production from the process. Sources of waste are for instance dust and oil/fat from cleaning etc., handled for material and energy recovery.
In order to create an effective tool for systematic work with environmental issues, Denofa decided to adopt the standard ISO 14001 and achieved its certification in June 2013.

We consider certifications very important, as it allows us to focus on environmental efforts in order to meet international and local requirements. The aim is that the certification will assure us and everyone in our neighbourhood, that our operations generate a minimum negative of impact on the environment.