Industrial Safety

Denofa production and administration is situated at the Øra industrial area in Fredrikstad. Together with several neighbouring companies, Denofa is a part of a joint organization for industrial safety organized and managed by Øra Næring. The organization performs 12 to 14 training sessions annually, the training location are on rotation amongst the members.

The trainings include emergencies such as:
  • Accidents
  • Fire
  • Unintended discharge of chemical substance/product etc.
  • Other unforeseen events

Through a strong commitment to HSE by everyone at Denofa, we do our very best to secure the safety for employees and neighbours.

The joint organization of industrial safety also holds annual courses in first aid and in the use of defibrillators for all employees, and is responsible for HSE audits. There are trained personnel safety representatives in each department and on each work shift. We have well established routines for staff training and education on relevant safety issues as well as procedures and written instructions to avoid dangerous situations.