Extraction plant at Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway Extraction plant at Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway

Denofa, Your Neighbour

Denofa is situated in a traditional port industrial area along with a number of heavy industrial companies and other businesses. The industry park is operated by Øra Industri Park. The emission permits of the area are regulated by the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (KLIF).

At Denofa we look for solutions to reduce our impact on the environment through continuous improvement programmes. It is not possible to completely avoid odour emissions from production, dust from loading and discharge of product and raw material or noise from the industry activity of the port, but through best practice routines we take great effort to reduce these side effects. The status of our environmental work is presented in meetings with representatives of the local community.

The smell from heat treatment of the soybean meal is familiar to parts of the neighbourhood all depending on certain wind directions. Although the smell can be perceived as unpleasant, it is not harmful. During 2011 and 2012 we have invested considerably in the implementations of smell-reducing equipment.

Denofa is regarded a safe neighbour due to high attention to safety, continuous improvement work and close cooperation with the regulating authorities.

Neighbour question:
Contact Denofa at naboforhold@denofa.no