Containers of soy lecithin at Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway Containers of soy lecithin at Denofa in Fredrikstad, Norway

Product Overview

Denofa delivers non-GMO, traceable, sustainable soy products free of salmonella. Our products are soybean oil, soybean meal and soy lecithin. Denofa's highly developed quality assurance system results in products of a high and uniform quality, upholding the highest hygienic standards.

Non-GMO Denothin 62

Denothin 62 is Denofa's brand name for soy lecithin (E322). Lecithin, which is the collecting term used for a group of substances known as phospholipids or phosphatides, is a natural emulsifier or stabilizer. Denothin 62 is extracted with water from soybean oil. It is manufactured under strict hygienic conditions and can be used directly in food products without any further treatment.

Soy lecithin is used in various food applications and Denothin 62 is an excellent emulsifying and stabilizing agent for margarine, bakery products, chocolates, coatings and other foods. It also gives consistent texture to dressings and other creamy products.

Food industry is only one of many fields of applications for lecithin. It is also used as a technical and nutritional component in dietetics, pharmacy, animal feeds, cosmetics and in chemical and technical industries.

Non-GMO Soybean Meal

Efficiency is a keyword in modern farming. Nutritious and appropriate feed is crucial to the quality of the final product and Denofa supplies a pure and natural raw material for livestock feed in the Nordic region.

Denofa's soybean meal is an important high protein source in feeds for cattle, pigs and poultry. It has an excellent profile of highly digestible amino acids, and particularly a high content of lysine, which is important for pigs.

Soybean meal is manufactured by several processing steps, of which toasting (heating) being the final step. The toasting step both destroys the anti-nutritional factors that are present in almost all seeds, and ensures that the dried and cooled meal is free from salmonella and other bacteria. Our requirements for hygienic quality are just as high for our animal feed products as for human food products.

Non-GMO Crude Soybean oil

Crude soybean oil, extracted from the soybeans and degummed (removing lecithin from the oil), can be used directly as a feed ingredient as a source of energy.

The crude oil can be further refined to food grade quality. Refined soybean oil is the no. 1 in the edible oil market, due to its neutral taste and good nutritional profile, with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Soybean oil has a broad range of applications in industrial products and is also widely used as a raw material in production of biodiesel.

Non-GMO SoyPass®

For high yielding cattle a special-treated soybean meal has been developed.

SoyPass, which is made by adding sugar (xylose) to react with the amino acids in the soybean meal, gives a highly digestible bypass protein with better protein utilization than standard soybean meal in cattle feed.