Soy: Essential to Feed Compound Production

Non-GMO soybean meal is a key ingredient in Scandinavian feed compound production.

Soy: A Commodity In Demand

Soy is nutritious, competitive and easily handled. Looking at today's markets it is virtually impossible to see how the large consumption of soy could be replaced by the use of other commodities - at competitive prices.

Safe Supplier

Denofa supplies sustainable products of high and consistent quality. The commitment to quality is integrated into all of our processes and starts at the farms growing the soybeans. At the farm sustainable and traceable cultivation of soybeans is ensured. The traceability continues to include sea transport to our plant, storage and on through processing and outgoing transport. 

Quite simply: The food chain needs soy. Denofa contributes to a safe supply of soy to feed and food producers. 

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