Key ingredient in food and feed

Soy has characteristics of importance to food and feed products. The beans can be consumed as is, or processed into meal, oil and lecithin.

The Nordic climate is not ideal for the production of plant protein. We produce grass, wheat, oats and other commodities for use in feed products. But in order to utilise locally grown produce, we need additional protein supplies. Soy meal has a high concentration of protein, compared to other commodities, and thus it is an attractive ingredient in feed production.


Denofa supplies sustainable products of high and consistent quality. The commitment to quality is integrated into all of our processes, starting with the farmers. We provide a predictable and competitive source of protein, based on non-GMO beans. Moreover, we ensure food safety, full traceability and zero deforestation. Our quality controls follow the product through the value chain; seed production, farming, truck and ship transport, storage, processing and logistics to end user.


Denofa soy ensures safe and efficient production of food, with a high utilisation of local produce.